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Organic Ajwa Dates

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Organic Ajwa Dates


Ajwa dates are the most nutrient-rich and expensive dates found and grown in the city of Madina in Saudi Arabia. They are dark in colour and have a beautifully soft texture and toffee-like taste. Ajwa dates are found in most Saudi Arabian households due to their immense health benefits. It is a part of the hospitable Saudi Arabian culture that aiwa dates are offered to guests with traditional unsweetened Arabian coffee or ajwa date stone coffee.

Some of the benefits of eating ajwa dates:

  1. They are considered as a natural resource for nutrition, it provides the body with high percentage of proteins, minerals and vitamins e.g. Vitamin A, B1, B2, B5 and BB which are constructive ingredients for building up the body tissues and muscles.
  2. They are known to aid in giving birth, as they activate the womb muscles at the time of delivery. They are also wonderful for providing sweet, healthy and nutritious breast milk for babies. 
  3. They are a healthy snack and a great alternative to sugary treats, such as sweets and chocolate. 
  4. They help to clean the kidneys and the liver from toxins, and toxin build up that leads to diseases.
  5. They greatly help to improve the nervous and immune system and protects the heart and circulatory system by maintaining cholesterol and hormone levels.
  6. They are wonderful for anaemic people as they contain high amounts of iron. They are also a great source of energy.
  7. They are wonderful for improving the health of your bones, eyesight and overall health of your body.

100% Fresh Organic Ajwa Dates from Madina, Saudi Arabia.

Store in a cool, dry place and keep them in a sealed container or in the same bag they come in so the dates retain their softness. 

Period After Opening: 
Please consume within 14 days.

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