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Stepping Towards Sustainability

Whether you insist on 100% organic, or are just starting to take steps to make a more environmentally friendly product choice, there's a great selection out there for you. Azara Beautiqe's soaps/shampoo bars were featured and recommended in this August 2018 issue.

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Bars of Nourishment

A wonderful double-page interview (p.36 - p.37, August 2018 issue) in this luxury lifestyle magazine with Mona Alyedreessy about Azara's range of luxury organic soaps and their benefits.

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Using bar soap is more environmentally friendly than the liquid form, and also create less plastic waste. We talk to Mona Alyedreessy, founder of Azara Beautique, which offers a range of exquisite handmade soaps created from secret recipes and the purest of ingredients.

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Travel In Style

Jetting abroad? Only multitasks will do in your washrag says Beauty Editor Amy Packer. Azara Beautique's Coconut and Mahlab Soap was featured and recommended (Sunday 29th of July 2018 issue)

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Latte Uses: Can Coffee Revitalise Your Skin and Hair Regime?

Azara Beautique's Coffee, Cardamom and Ginger Soap was featured, reviewed and recommended in this article.

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Look Good, Feel Good. The Best New Products for Your Active Life.

The Azara Beautique soap collection was claimed to be one of the best new brands of 2018 (The Weekend National of The Observer 17th-18th March 2018)

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Could Camel Milk Have Some Surprising Beauty Benefits?

Azara Beautique's Camel Milk and Sidr Honey Soap was featured and recommended in this article.

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Grow Your Own – 5 Skin Treatments You Can Grow for Your Child

5 tips from Mona Alyedreessy about plants you can grow to make skin treatments for children.

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The hump-backed creature's milk could work wonders on your skin and hair, Katie Wright discovers.

Azara Beautique's Camel Milk and Sidr Honey soap was featured and recommended by Xpose.

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